Best HP vs Dell Laptops

Dell and hp both are brands are highly popular due to their services and product quality but here we mention some important thing that helps you to choose the correct one.

Dell XPS:
Dell XPS laptops provide a smooth user experience to business professionals with their ultra-portable, innovative flip-hinge design. Dell is best and always does best in business as well as consumer segment but with Dell XPS they bought a hybrid system which is perfect for all kind of user.
HP Spectre:
Design and technology took to a whole new level. HP Laptops are available with a uniquely stunning design 10.4mm thin combined and Hp laptop has impressive performance with Intel i5 processor or i7 Processor due to this luxurious laptop is completely irresistible.

Appearance and Hardware:
Dell organization provide a list for their customer because it provides specific models and designs. One more advanced feature Dell laptops are available in different colors and look while HP laptops have fewer design choices and colors.
There is a big difference between Dell and HP laptops which is their appearance. Dell laptops follow the standard look and HP has a polished appearance due to that many people think that HP has more attractive laptops than Dell.

Customer Service & Warranty:
customer service and warranty is the most important factor whenever you purchase a technology related product. And Dell is the winner in this case. Dell Customer Service is really good and fast as well and that's why Dell is popular among their customers, website is also very user-friendly.
HP also provides better services and support to their customer through its website but as compare to Dell, DEll gets a plus point.

Price is the main factor whatever you purchase, the price hikes according to its hardware specifications. Dell and HP laptops are more in demand rather than other brands. Dell sells their computers or other product at a relatively low price in comparison to other brands. Dell avoids selling through retailers and directly pass those savings to their customers that make them user-friendly. HP uses both methods to sell their laptops due to that hp laptops or product is much higher in price than Dell products. Dell computer starts with a range from Rs. 22000/- to Rs. 60000/- or more depends on your hardware specification. Dell products are lesser in price than HP.